About Redneck Roadkill

So…. you’ve come across our site, redneckroadkillrc.com, and you’re probably a little confused – yet intrigued! A redneck radio control truck that runs over/avoids animals, mascots, or zombies? You either love this idea or you hate it. But let’s be real, we don’t care either way. Redneck Roadkill trucks are NOT meant for everyone and, quite frankly, we are okay with that. We have come up with a super unique radio control truck/car that’s only meant for the best rednecks. If you’re the type of person who hits the dirt roads, highways and byways then we don’t have to explain roadkill, do we? Whether you’re aiming or avoiding “accidentally” hitting the already dead squirrel on the road- this truck is exactly what you need. If you are someone who is against wearing fur or are vegan- you probably don’t need this truck in your life, and you should just stop reading now. PETA has already been made aware of our product and they hate it- so feel free to join them. You’ll find us with the fun people running over billboards, fences, varmints or something.

Who We Are
Redneck Roadkill RC is a collection of Radio Control Trucks that are 1/24th scale, battery operated, authentic looking pickup trucks featuring rusted looking fenders, weathered body paint, complete with hilarious redneck bumper stickers to customize your rig.Plus, don’t miss the license plates, window banners, beefy off-road tires and game instructions for those willing to compete.As we said above, this truck is not meant for everyone.If you are “in” to decapitating zombies or clipping a squirrel or two we have the trucks for you.

What We’ve Got
Our collection of trucks are Bo Skeeterz, Daisy Jo Camel Tow, Raging Bull, Tailgate Party, and Zombie Roadkill Escape. These badass trucks come with a variety of different critters, accessories or zombies to run over! The tailgate truck even comes with different mascots for you to run over to really get you in the mood for football! Each truck has specific features which you can check out here.

Not sure if our Redneck Roadkill trucks are right for you? Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions and read our reviews. But really, just buy one and see for yourself. Have fun running over some zombies!