How to Gift Wrap a Redneck Roadkill

So, you’ve gotten the perfect gift for you son. But how do you plan to wrap it? We both know he’s just going to try and sneak a peek or shake the box until he can figure out what’s inside. Here are a few quick and easy tips for wrapping your RNRK truck for Christmas!

Are you a soda drinker?
A great way to disguise your RedneckRoadkill truck is to place it in an empty twelve pack of soda. The soda box is ideal because its long rectangle shape looks nothing like one of the RNRK trucks. Those pesky peekers will have to wait till the twenty-fifth to figure out this gift! Be sure to add tissue paper so that when they shake the box the truck doesn’t get ruined. A bonus idea; leave one end of the box just covered with wrapping paper and drive the RNRK truck out of the box to surprise your loved one.


The Manliest of Boxes

Are you gifting the RedneckRoadkill truck to the manliest of a man? Well with this wrapping you can test those man skills. For this one you will need to buy a wooden box or go to your nearest hardware store and get some wood. Don’t forget to seal the box with nails, we do not want to make this easy!Also don’t forget you can make this box harder to open by sealing it with more nails. Make the wooden box as big or small as you want to make sure your RNRK truck fits. To be nice give them a tool. A crowbar is advised but you can also you a screwdriver. A man box is fun and hilarious for the entire family.


The Shoe Box

Are you gifting shoes this year or have old shoe boxes laying around in the back or your closet? A shoe box is a perfect size to gift one, or even multiple, RedneckRoadkill trucks all in one. This is a great idea for the kids or adults, because they will have no idea it’s their new RNRK truck. A bonus idea is to put jingle bells inside the box to really disguise what is inside.


Hide your RNRK Truck in the Tree

Are you tired of wrapping… or are you reading this on December 24th? If so, hide the RNRK truck in the Christmas tree like an ornament. Let me tell you, the kids won’t see this coming. We suggest just to tell them to look in the tree and let them find it for themselves or keep the RedneckRoadkill controller handy and drive that truck out of the tree yourself and surprise them.


The Moving Box

Do you enjoy scaring your friends and family? All you need is a shoe box and scissors. Cut the top off the shoe box and then wrap the outside of the box. Next, place your Redneck Roadkill truck under the Christmas tree and place your wrapped shoe box on top of the RNRK truck. Make sure you did not wrap the controller; you’re going to need it Christmas morning. This idea is perfect if you want to drive your Redneck Roadkill truck from behind the tree and scare your child or spouse. Just make sure you put it out the night before Santa arrives and turn it on!


Now this is just a handful of idea’s, but we don’t have all day to do this for you. We’re certain you can come up with plenty of hilarious ideas for how to wrap your new truck. We hope you have fun! Happy Holidays!