The Redneck Roadkill Set-up Manual

So, you decided to get yourself a Redneck Roadkill truck, huh? Took you long enough! Now you’re probably wondering what the heck to do with it.After reading this manual you will be an expert in every Redneck truck, we just can’t guarantee this will improve your driving skills.

What is in the RNRK box?

  • One Redneck Roadkill truck.
  • One controller.
  • Roadkill critters, accessories or zombies (depending on the model).
  • More instructions.
  • Stickers (for your truck but I guess you can use them however)
  • Batteries not included, but are required if you want it to work(4 AAA & 2 AA)

Before you start boxing, we suggest you grab a pair of scissors, just please don’t run. Now that you have the scissors, open one side of the box by removing the tape (we recommend opening from the left side of the box). Now you will want to use your scissors and cut those plastic wraps (why are there so many plastic ties?!). You can now remove your truck, controller, and critters from the box.

Now grab a Phillip’s head screwdriver and your four AAA batteries, and your two AA batteries. Remove the battery door located on the bottom of the Redneck Roadkill truck then place your batteries in the correct way and close the door. Now grab your controller and place the batteries in the back of the controller then close that door. On the controller you have two joysticks. The left one controls the forward and reverse movement, and the joystick on the right is your direction control (turning left and right).There is an on/off switch located under the RedneckRoadkill truck next to the front left tire.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and turn the truck on. If your new truck has a pull to the left or right when driving in a straight line, there is a steering trim that can be adjusted. The trim is located on the bottom of the RNRK truck between the front tires. Note: if vehicle steers to the left, adjust the trimmer to the right. If truck steers to the right, adjust trimmer to the left.

Try launching your RNRK truck off a ramp into a horde of zombies, a bunch of varmints, or into a billboard or fence for extra fun and excitement.

Thank you for purchasing a Redneck Roadkill truck. We are confident you and your family are going to have fun and enjoy the truck. Don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms for up to date alerts on Redneck Roadkill products and specials!