The Right Redneck Roadkill Truck for YOU!

It’s that time of year again. That difficult person to shop for is having a birthday, you have no idea what to get your younger brother for Christmas, and/or you need a White Elephant gift for the work holiday party. You’ve been here before. You are out of ideas.  Do you get them something thoughtful? Do you get them a gift card? No, you get them a Redneck Roadkill truck!

Finding the Right Fit
Not every RNRK truck is meant for everyone. We don’t really recommend our Daisy Jo Camel Tow radio control truck for grandma or the office of uptight females. They probably won’t laugh as much as your best friend Jim would. Our trucks are perfect for the person that already has everything and likes to get a little down and dirty!

Bo Skeeterz Radio Control Tow Truck
This is your anything but basic, top-notch, tow truck. This one is good for just about anyone. You can run over some varmints, and just have a good ol’ time! We recommend this gift for your younger son who isn’t quite ready for the big boy trucks yet.

Daisy Jo’s Camel Tow Radio Control Truck
This chick is dirty and rough. The men will LOVE her. Take her for a spin! We are talking about some off roading with Daisy Jo searching for some billboards, fencing and varmints to smash.Daisy Jo is wilder than a 5th ace! A great man cave gift!

Ragin’ Bull Radio Control Pick-Up Truck
This truck has got SPEED. Take this pick-up truck for a joy ride. Whether you’re in Texas and want to run over some armadillos or you’re in Tennessee and want to hit some squirrels- this truck is what you need. The Ragin’ Bull Pick-Up Truck is great gift for the redneck who really just wants to run some stuff over and quickly!

Tailgate Party Radio Control Party Truck
This is the ultimate tailgate truck that every TRUE tailgating fan will have. Because I mean, really, isn’t the best thing about tailgating when you get to trash talk the other teams? With our Tailgate Party Truck you are able to LITERALLY destroy the other team’s mascots! Run them over and then hop into the back of the truck for a cool down session in the pool. Talk about the ultimate tailgate truck, right? Who needs a huge F150 when you can have this? Get this truck for your favorite uncle who loves to tailgate and talk trash with his buddies!

Zombie Roadkill Escape
Ok so you’re one of the many people who is obsessed with zombies. We don’t blame you; they are awesome! This truck is the real freakin’ deal. Complete with a revolving 360 crane decapitator with a dangling axe, you are ready to go zombie hunting. Warning though- zombies only die when you destroy their brain. So be sure to hit them in their head if you really want to kill them.

No matter which Redneck Roadkill truck you choose, it’s sure to be a hit. Our trucks make the best gifts for your redneck cousin, a man cave, a football tailgate, you name it!  Make sure to check out how to wrap your new RNRK truck when giving as a gift!

Just a reminder- these trucks should not really be used to hit live animals (or mascots or zombies). Do not be an idiot with our products but, as always, have some fun!