The Zombie Apocalypse is Here!

It’s Tuesday around 10AM in Branson. Rednecks are stuck at the salvage yard draining the employee vending machine of snack cakes, jerky and chips when out of nowhere the zombie apocalypse is upon them. Suddenly Rednecks are advanced by hordes of zombies, shufflers and walkers! The rednecks quickly consume their last Pringle and weld up the rusted, vomit-colored Zombie Roadkill Escape truck. Complete with ‘free-floating’ and revolving 360 Crane Decapitator to decapitate and fend off the advancing zombie hoards.  But, will they make it or are they too late and doomed?

With the help of the revolving 360 Crane Decapitator, Rednecks fend off the zombies…for now at least. While Rednecks scurry away, the zombies come back even stronger and with even more zombies. Where TF did, they all come from?! Rednecks are resourceful and launch anything they can in defense…dirty shoes, hammers, wrenches and used parts from the “still”. But, it’s not enough. They need more Zombie Roadkill Escape trucks…it’s the only way to survive!

Luckily, down in the junkyard enough rusted scrap exists to quickly weld up a more Zombie Roadkill Escape trucks. Rednecks…have to get there…and quickly rebound, reunite and make their way down the hill tripping and rolling, while being trailed by a thousand zombies. They make it…do some monumental scrap and welding work…rev up the engines and get back to some major decapitating. With 5 new Zombie Roadkill 360 Crane Decapitator trucks they are able to defeat this version of the Zombie Apocalypse and get back to safety.

Is this how your story will go? We doubt it’ll be nearly as thrilling but give it a go! Whether you’re into Zombie movies, videogames, survival manuals, books and novels you will get a real kick outta the Zombie Roadkill Escape – 360 Crane Decapitator. This is the best Zombie Gift there is!

Take turns decapitating and plowing over zombies to save humanity…but don’t get bit, otherwise ya might turn into one yourself turn into one yourself!

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